Capturing your family memories for the next generation

Booking a family photographer has never been more important!
Living in a world pandemic has caused stress & uncertainty amongst us all. I'm finding comfort in the fact that one day, in the future, I'll be telling my boys about the life of living through these years as though it were just a story.
And what better way to tell stories than with pictures.
Take time out of this crazy world to focus on you & your family.
Let's show the next generation that in uncertain times there can always be love & joy!

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Now taking bookings for july-december 2022

Feature Films

These will be limited by the month, so be sure to enquire early on if this is something special you don't want to miss out on!


I have now put together an email list for those interested in knowing about the dates and locations of the maternity mini sessions coming soon. Please fill out your details to let me know if you're interested in joining the list/booking a spot!

Hi, I am Hannah.

I'm just your average Mama living in a house full of boys. We all enjoy the outdoors and adventure. In my spare time I enjoy cleaning the home, doing loads of washing and picking up lego pieces... well not really, but that's where you'll find me. So when I'm getting time to sit down and edit a beautiful gallery, that is my happy place!

Photography has always been an obsession, starting from when I was a young child. As photographs progressed to digital, I became keen to learn the art of photoshop during my last years of high school. In grade 12 I was selected to be given a youth grant from Townsville City Council to purchase my first DSLR camera to help motivate me in my career towards photography (I even shot my first wedding that year)!

As a young adult I've worked in various places around Australia including retail, hospitality and offshore on the big ships. However, a FIFO job does not accommodate a pregnant or a new mum... so it was time to go full-time into my passion of portrait photography!

As a mother, it isn't easy to find the time to do things for yourself and chase your dreams... But here I am giving it my best shot and loving every second!

"Photography to me is being able to capture those special moments and making them beautiful in its most natural way. I love natural smiles and think these come out best when we are enjoying the outdoors."

My photography sessions are set at various locations around Cairns, taking advantage of the best scenery around, from the beach to the forest. I truly believe we live in the best place in the world!

Me with my littlest loves, Bjørn (1yr) & Oban (2yrs)